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by Thomas Arensen

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Long is the way, and hard, that out of Hell leads up to light’


The Fall is a modern and darkly comic re-telling of John Milton’s Paradise Lost, where Sartre's No Exit meets a twisted Romeo and Juliet. Reconfigured into a classic story of survival, Arensen explores the themes of desperation, loneliness, and falling - in love, apart and from grace. This multi-sensory tale of intrigue and deceit leaves you contemplating a simple choice: make a life together or attempt escape?

Brand-new writing for 2020, The Fall locks the audience away with its characters, forcing them to question their own loyalties, build trust and consider the consequence of fate. 

Deep in the half-light, where the rules of normality no longer apply, nothing is quite as it seems. From the depths of solitude, who will emerge?


Monica Anne           Ellie

Oliver Lintott             Sebastian

Olivia Gosling          Lilith


Producer                   Thomas Arensen

Director                     Glynne Steele

Set Designer              Tamsin Robinson

Lighting Designer         Steve Lowe

Production Manager    Charlotte Potter


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